Kowalski-peacock4.1MB.jpg Peacock in Autumn, watercolor (11×14)
MarikoKowalski20YearsOldプロ作成Becoming of Age, watercolor on paper (25″×18″)
Kowalski 18x26 OS TFA sm 1920.jpgDancing Lotus, watercolor (18″x26″)
Orchid.pngOrchid, watercolor (18×8)
Peonies, watercolor and 22K gold leaf on paper (29″x24″)
 Japanese Old Canal
Japanese Old Canal, watercolor on paper (26.75″x19″)
Bird of Paradise 4
Birds of Paradise, watercolor on paper (25″×18″)
black frame4MG
Mr. Shoebill Stork!, watercolor on paper (14″x11″)
2014The finishing touchokThe Finishing Touch, watercolor on paper (27.5″×15.5″)
A Man Reading the Scriptures, charcoal on paper (21″×17″)
2013winter mountain13ok
Winter Mountain, Japanese ink paint on paper (12″×9″)
final11ok(Left) The City of Holiness, oil on linen canvas (30″×24″)
Man's lifeok
(Right) Love, Virtue and Innocence, mixed media on linen canvas (30″×24″)

“Becoming of Age” received an Award of Excellence at the Utah Watercolor Society Spring Show in 2018.  “Peonies” was selected for the Springville Art Museum Spring Salon in 2018.  “Birds of Paradise” received the second place award in the professional fine art category at the Utah State Fair 2017, and also was selected for Utah State Art Exhibition at Rio Grande Gallery, 2017 and Utah watercolor Society 2018.  “Mr. Shoebill Stork!” was selected for the Hogle Zoo Art Show in 2018. “A Man Reading the Scriptures”  was selected for the 27th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah exhibition and received the honorable mention award at the Utah State Fair Art competition 2014.  “The Finishing Touch” (above right) was selected for the 90th Annual Spring Salon at the Springville Art Museum and was in the 2014 Utah Arts and Museum Statewide Annual Exhibition.  “The City of Holiness” was selected for the 27th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah exhibition 2013.